We want to share with you an organization that is close to our hearts, MAP International.  Those of you who have been to 3rd world countries may have seen the devastating effects from the lack of something we have in abundance: medicine.  The effects of an Ibuprofen on a fever, an antibiotic on an infection, can mean life or death.

Scott and I have participated in medical missions in villages like this - the places it's hard to believe exist in present day. We personally have seen how even the most basic medicines we find in our neighborhood pharmacy monumentally impact the lives of children and adults in these villages and forgotten corners of the world.


Scott and I, aka Burn the Treaty, set out to write and relate music about the human condition to other humans (You).  And that is why we want to urge you to consider a monthly sponsorship of MAP International, an organization that literally transforms lives for  humans around the globe who, otherwise, have little to no access to necessary medicines.

You can follow this link to check out what they do and to pledge with us to help people around the world get the medicines they so desperately need. 

Let them know we sent you by adding "Burn the Treaty" to the comment box. 

Thank you in advance,

    Scott & Morgan